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Mobilecomm Professionals Inc. Announces Technology Partnership With Meritech

MobileComm Professionals Inc. ("MobileComm") an industry leader in providing Wireless Engineering Services has entered into a global partnership with Meritech Co. Ltd. ("Meritech") a leading company for Mobile Network Monitoring and Performance Optimization tools.

This partnership will further strengthen MobileComm’s competitive advantage in cellular network optimization by providing innovative and cost effective solutions for data collection and Network Diagnostics & Optimization. MobileComm along with Meritech tools has improved competency to analyze and troubleshoot air interface essential elements of emerging technologies like VoLTE, Voice Quality of 4G Networks and LTE-Advance - one of the most influencing technologies today. VoLTE leverages the multimedia telephony (MMTel) service and Voice Quality MOS is the next-generation voice quality testing technology for fixed, mobile and IP based networks. Meritech’s Voice Quality Measurement tools utilize POLQA which is standardized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU-T) as Recommendation P.863 in 2011 and can be applied for voice quality analysis of HD Voice, 3G and 4G/LTE networks. Sigma-LA, Sigma-ML, Sigma PA and Centra-SD line of products will enable Operators to remotely control, collect and analyze performance indicators for these technologies.

“This alliance with Meritech will help us offer Network Performance Optimization solutions for VoLTE and LTE-A networks more efficiently and through innovative way to our clients globally. With our present leadership in providing Engineering Services and continuous effort to integrate tools, we are better aligned with our goal to develop solutions which acknowledges our customer latest technology needs.” said Mr. Gurmeet Likhari, President, MobileComm Professionals Inc.

Also, Mr. Harish Sachdeva, CEO, Meritech mentioned that “The landmark partnership between MobileComm and Meritech aims to redefine the way the network optimization will get done in new markets. Meritech suite has proven track record and are being used extensively and exclusively within mature Japanese latest technology networks. The centralized solution for remotely controlling, monitoring and analyzing the data by smart phones have made its mark. This partnership shall increase our global footprint and help us fulfilling our vision of making the network optimization more efficient and more cost-effective."

Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, CEO MobileComm India and Business Head for Products, stated “We are excited to partner with Meritech and we believe that this partnership is a perfect integration for telecom customers, with our other existing products portfolio and Services we offer we can offer greater value solutions to our customers who strive for the demand of new innovative and cost effective solutions without compromising on quality."

Mr. Toyomasu Imamura, Director of Sales Engineering at Meritech said, “Meritech solutions are matured and fine-tuned due to the latest network technologies in Japan and demanding nature of the Japanese customers. This partnership will make these learnings available to broader customer base across the globe”.

MobileComm’s portfolio spans over aspect of RF Design, Implementation, Performance Engineering and Optimization of 2G, 3G, LTE, VoLTE, LTE-A and other emerging technology networks.

Meritech’s far ranging products are:
  • Sigma-LA is a Windows application that captures, monitors and saves RF log data from UEs, scan receivers and GPS devices. It is an essential tool for optimizing and troubleshooting mobile networks.
  • Sigma-ML is an application running on smartphones to measure and troubleshoot mobile wireless network. It automatically downloads data via FTP and HTTP and sends Ping commands while measuring Throughput, RSSI and other network parameters.
  • Sigma-PA is a Windows application that processes and analyses measured data by Sigma-LA, Sigma-ML and other drive test tools.
  • Centra-SD remotely configures the devices and monitors the performance of a cellular network consolidating data into a single source and presenting it in an intuitive UI.

MobileComm and Meritech shared vision for this partnership to deliver Total Automated tools in the hands of Telco’s everywhere with company’s knowledge, data, analytics and workflows.

About MobileComm

MobileComm Professionals is a key industry player in the wireless services arena providing expertise in wireless services to provide quality centric cost effective solutions all major wireless mobile Operators, Engineering firms, infrastructure providers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s). MobileComm Professionals enjoys the distinct advantage of being an independent wireless network professional technical services vendor with a robust and integrated portfolio of wireless solutions.

About Meritech

Meritech is a leading company for Mobile Network Monitoring and Performance Optimization solutions offering several innovative products that monitor and optimize LTE, WCDMA, HSPA, GSM/GPRS and Wi-Fi network performance. Meritech is focused on providing exceptional products that fill the need for mobile wireless industry. To ensure that its products are easy to use and effective, Meritech backs its products with a team of highly dedicated professionals software and RF engineers. Leveraging wireless expertise and software development capabilities, Meritech engineers work very closely with leading network operators and vendors in Japan to customize products to meet new industry standards.